Music is an inseparable thing when it comes to Trinh Cong Son, so there’s no reason why a movie about the late musician should lack music, melodies and songs. Em And Trinh is not only a movie about life, but also like a musical anthology, when converging the songs of the late composer Trinh Cong Son. Em And Trinh was produced by director Phan Gia Nhat Linh and the entire crew with a huge cost of up to 50 billion. Currently, the film is storming the box office nationwide.

In addition to factors such as acting, script, actors, setting, cinematic language, etc., music is also a very important element to make the success of the movie Em And Trinh . The songs appearing in the film are all composed by the late musician, but some remixes are made and renewed by young singers. Let’s take a look at some of the outstanding songs in this movie!

The first is the song ” Ut Mi ” , which Trinh Cong Son wrote when he met Thanh Thuy at a tea room. While performing on stage, she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks touched the artist. Then, he wrote the lyrics ” Outside the veranda, the rain falls. Who’s heart like playing with. Oh man, I’ve got tears in my eyes. “The song is a comforting word to ease the pain of a woman on a rainy night. Sad lyrics, like a love story that has not started yet has ended quickly for two people.

Next is the love story with the muse Bich Diem, the song Diem Xua was also born here. Immersed in the salty beauty of Bich Diem, the late musician in the rainy afternoon wrote Diem Xua as a confession to her. But sadly, this sentiment was also not reciprocated. “It’s still raining this afternoon, why don’t you come back?” . Because they differ so much, from status, future orientation, etc., Bich Diem has evaded and rejected this sentiment. In Em and Trinh , the process of writing this song was also built by the crew with an excellent cinematic eye.

Sunny Mercury is a gentle song, both tender and joyful, representing a gentle, innocent love of youth. The beauty of a pure, gentle, lovely muse conquered the artist’s heart, prompting him to write the song ” Nang Thuy Tinh ” . This song appeared in the movie when the love story of the late musician Trinh Cong Son and the muse Dao Anh blossomed, a love that he still longs for until the end of his life.

Looking At Autumn Leaves was composed by Trinh Cong Son in 1963, when he was a young, melancholy, sentimental student with many problems in his heart. The song is performed by Khanh Ly passionately and passionately, the lyrics are about the long distance love story of a boy and girl he loves. The regrets, the sadness, in the autumn. It can be seen that Trinh Cong Son’s music is no different from a sad love poem.

Not only are there songs for muses, in Em and Trinh many sad love songs are played such as Age of Sadness, Sadness of Winter, Red Rain, What Age for Me, Sad Love, Ha Trang, Love Remember, … Each song is performed in a very thorough manner. Trinh Cong Son said, “Living in this life is only fate and love. Body parts are finite. Love is infinite” , this much is enough to see that for him, life is to love and to love is to be able to live. There are many people who say that Trinh Cong Son is a flower man, indeed he is very flowery, but that does not mean that he is promiscuous and treacherous. For him, love is what nourishes people, for a romantic, melancholy and sentimental artist, love is an endless source of inspiration to write songs.“Love allows songs to be born. Pain and joy make the fetus give birth to music.”

In addition to songs about love, Trinh Cong Son also writes music about the human condition, war, and life. He wrote a lot of anti-war songs, from 1970 to 1972 he released the Golden Skin Supplement , which was also mentioned in the movie Em And Trinh . A compliment must be given to director Phan Gia Nhat Linh, the film not only mentions the events of the late musician’s life but also shows his artistic journey in detail. Most of the outstanding songs of the late musician are reviewed in the film.

Songs praising life, praising peace, writing about the human condition during the war such as The Yellow Skinned Vietnamese Daughter, Cannon Ludwig, What Did I See Tonight, Give Life a Little Gratitude, Day Long On The Homeland . . . is also shown in Em And Trinh . His songs condemning war, praising peace refer to war crimes, with tragic images ” Thousands of tons of bombs fell on the village head . Thousands of tons of bombs fell on the fields . The door of a Vietnamese house is burning red at the end of the village ” ; “A long day in the homeland. Vietnamese people forget to live. A prison of yellow skin. Vietnamese people lie down and miss their country”Every sentence feels like a stab in the gut, the tunes make viewers cry. All are integrated into the film, the music is like an important character of Em And Trinh , because without this element it seems that the soul of the film is lost in half.

In general, the songs in ” Em and Trinh” whether appearing throughout or transiently also leave a deep impression in the hearts of viewers because of their melodious melodies. The music is integrated into the film in a very clever and subtle way, making viewers get “goosebumps” every time the sound is played. It is also an important character in leading the plot, connecting reality with the past and vice versa. The director and film crew have carefully invested in the music in the film, each song has a separate important meaning. Although appearing a lot, but the music does not disturb or overwhelm other elements. In short, music is an integral part of Em And Trinh , it’s like a part of the soul of the movie. According to the writer, Em and Trinhis one of the movies with the best and best quality OST ever.

By Yas Il